Current Lab Members

Amanda Wong, BSc

  • Postgraduate Researcher
Postgraduate researcher interested in uncovering the impact of plastic pollution on terrestrial plants in terms of microplastics and smaller nanoplastics. Base: University of California, Davis

Dr. Mahboubeh Mostafaei Dehnavi, BSc, Msc, PhD

  • Post Doctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis which started from May 2022. I focus on the poplar bioenergy project funded by the Department Of Energy (DOE) to undertake molecular analysis for RNA Seq and data analysis, network analysis and also establishing a tissue culture system for transient assays of gene expression for candidate genes, with a combination of wet laboratory and computer-based bioinformatics.

Yufei Qian, BSc

  • Masters student
Postgraduate researcher interested in using genomics-assisted breeding to enrich leafy green crop nutrition profiles. Her project also includes elucidating phenotypical variations with linkage mapping (QTL) and transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq). She will pursue a PhD with Prof. Taylor using watercress in an indoor vertical farming setting. Base: University of California, Davis