Group Leader

Current Lab Members

Dr. Annabelle Damerum, BSc, MRes, PhD

  • Post Doctoral Researcher
  • Plant Sciences
Post Doctoral researcher working towards understanding the biochemical and biophysical basis of shelf life in lettuce, providing underpinning tools for molecular breeding funded by Vitacress salads, Sainsbury’s and Shamrock Seeds. Base: University of California, Davis

Dr. Mahboubeh Mostafaei Dehnavi, BSc, Msc, PhD

  • Post Doctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis which started from May 2022. I focus on the poplar bioenergy project funded by the Department Of Energy (DOE) to undertake molecular analysis for RNA Seq and data analysis, network analysis and also establishing a tissue culture system for transient assays of gene expression for candidate genes, with a combination of wet laboratory and computer-based bioinformatics.