Libby Rowland- Where are they now

Libby Rowland is Research and Development Officer for herbs at Vitacress - a fresh produce supplier, specialising in watercress, salads and fresh herbs. She was offered the position during her time as a PhD student with Taylor Lab, during which she was funded by J Sainsbury’s to improve irrigation practice in pot herb production.

Graham Clarkson- Where are they now

My PhD started back in January 2000 and I was the first student between Gail and Vitacress Salads Ltd - Something I was very proud to be.  I joined Vitacress full time after a summer spell working with Poplar in Italy and I was in various posts there until March 2015.  In my time at Vitacress I was responsible for a number of innovations and improvements and remained a visitor at Southampton University where I was involved in the research programmes that followed my PhD.